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FluidMedia for Organizations

Transforming the ways communities of people make and manage media
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For more modern and engaging formats
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Through more efficient and effective workflows
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And rewarding programs
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Innovative Products

Purely Digital

FluidMedia is digital from front-to-back, and throughout. Always delivering two formats: Print Editions, and Digital Multi Media Editions.

Really Dynamic

Like liquid, FluidMedia is always moving, anti-static in nature. Both print and digital editions are form fitting, malleable, and on the move.

Never Dormant

FluidMedia is evergreen, everlasting, and interactive. We call our process Everactive Publishing™, and our digital format Everactive™ Editions.

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Innovative Processes


The Fluid Media System connects communities of people simply, securely, and safely. A more seamless way to connect and communicate.


A seamlessly connected community enables more fluid and participatory workflows. More involvement and input enhances efficiency.


People and groups creating and managing content creates efficiency no doubt. The real benefit is deeper and more contextual storytelling.

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Innovative Programs

Raising Standards

FluidMedia teaches next generation content creation to the next generation, instilling best practices and online behaviors.

Raising Participation

Giving voice and sharing capabilities to all encourages voices and stories from many. More stories drives deeper context, and buy-in.

Raising Funds

Modern products and broader participation increases media purchases. Put that together with our generous fundraising programs, and…

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Innovative from Start to Finish

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1. Overview

A quick call to learn more, and see if FluidMedia is a fit for your organization is the first step.

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2. Deploy

If we’re a fit, then we deploy the system and establish your online community (free of charge).

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3. Setup

After we’ve deployed your community, a 30 minute set up call ensures smooth running.

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4. Start

With your community optimized, you’re ready to invite members, and make great media.