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FluidMedia for People, Their Friends, and Their Families

It starts here
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Your media is the very heart of your memories
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For you to weave a fluid, seamless, story
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The tapestry of your life.
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From the very point the moment is made, the media begins telling a story. Every picture tells a story, but the story is just beginning In Moments™.


Simply and smoothly adding just enough substance and backdrop to craft media into narrative. The story gets richer, and builds.


Because you’re telling the story of your life, for a lifetime of memories. Content plus context says more back to you, in so many ways.

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Like in life, our stories really are born in fragments. One event, activity, and episode at a time. Chapters™ tells stories the very same way.


Making your stories more rich, interactive, and personal. Because that’s really the point: Telling your stories, your way, in lots of ways.


Like alphabet blocks, or quilting squares, each Chapter is part of a larger composition. Telling a larger story, in smaller, simpler steps.

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Because stories are meant to be told. Shared. When, where, and with whom you choose. Now, then, and forever. Seamlessly. Securely.


With the ability to add voice and context to a story already underway, already being told. Social storytelling, in social circles. Simply. Safely.


Curated stories in succession, chronology, and order—in one place. Adding up to something larger—the sum of your parts. Your life story.