“Innovation really is the highest balance of invention and reinvention. That’s practical innovation. We work hard to innovate and build long term solutions—for people just like us­—by taking what is known behavior and practice, and improving on it—continually. So similarly, our innovations are like our people—constantly reinventing. As we reinvent, we innovate. It’s a continuum. It’s sustainable innovation.”

Justin Hogeterp, Co Founder

Chief Engineering Officer

“It’s a simple enough idea, but nonetheless audacious: To help everybody remember everything they want to. Not everything, obviously. Just the important things. Things like their most meaningful moments and memories. Doing that through continuums of stories and compositions, keepsakes, to live permanently, and be shared constantly. For that, we will martial innovation and technology, mobilize people, and motivate businesses. Simple, or audacious? Yes”

Brent McMahon, Co Founder

Chief Executive Officer

“People want a sense of accomplishment. They want to make things that make them feel talented and smart. All too often, technology doesn’t do that for people. Our products and processes, our user experience, is changing that. We’re helping people create and compose stories in more sophisticated, stylish, and intelligent ways—simply and seamlessly. Because when people do that, they want to share what they’ve created—which is the whole point: Not story making, but storytelling. That’s the difference.”

Don Willis, Co Founder

Chief Experience Officer